Evening Primrose 夜来香 by Zhang Yan 张燕 (Original singer Li Xiang Lan 李香蘭)

  • Track: [The] Evening Primrose/Tuberoses
  • Artist: Li Xiang Lan; Zhang Yan
  • Language: Chinese
  • Country: China

This lovely song is titled “[The] Evening Primrose” or “Tuberoses”, and is a 1940’s Chinese love song. The first video is a cover of the original from the ’40s, but is such a lovely rendition I thought you might like to hear it first.

This second video is the original version, sung by Li Xiang Lan (birth name Yoshiko Yamaguchi).

Thus far I have not been about to find a link to a formal translation…. if I find it I will post!

I don’t know if anyone feels like it’s sinful for me to post info from wikipedia, but here’s a quick summary of Li Xiang Lan’s life & works:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshiko_Yamaguchi

~I’m still collecting information on this song & the lovely ladies singing it, so when I do I shall update this post (thank you for being patient!)~

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